At Contenders Gym, we focus on the FIGHT. For some this may be inside the cage, in the ring, or on the mat. For others, this means fighting to live a healthy and goal oriented lifestyle. Contenders welcomes a versatile group of people ranging from those looking to get in shape to professional athletes -- in our gym we all train together. Whatever your goal may be we want you to fight for it.

About us

Contenders Gym has been Keene's #1 MMA facility for over 4 years. We have evolved from a small, garage type training area to a 3,000 square foot MMA powerhouse located right in the heart of Keene. Our gym is home to many fighters and Golden Gloves champions.


MMA Facility



Strength and Conditioning 5-6pm
Striking 6-7pm


At Contenders gym the fundamental aspects of boxing are emphasized, from this foundation more advanced techniques are trained. While boxing is considered an individual sport, at our gym we thrive off of each other’s energy and often train as a team.


Wrestling/BJJ 5-6:30pm


Jump rope is an important part of boxing, simultaneously working conditioning, footwork, speed, agility, balance, timing and rhythm. However, this exercise is not just useful for boxers, this is a great aerobic workout, burning calories and keeping your heart rate elevated for an extended period of time.


Strength & Conditioning 5-6pm
Striking 6-7pm


Kickboxing is one pillar of our Mixed Martial Arts training. In our kickboxing class, we pull from classic kickboxing as well as Muay Thai. Kickboxing is not only a great workout but is a skill set you can use in the cage, the ring, or in a self-defense scenario.


Wrestling/BJJ 5-6:30pm


Cardio boxing is the most popular class at Contenders. The attendance is always high, and you can count on a grueling workout that teaches you fundamental movements of boxing. Cardio Kickboxing demands ability to throw power and speed while mixing up different combinations.


Sparring/Open Gym

Open Gym is an excellent opportunity for practitioners to get some real time experience to go head to head against other teammates. Sparring is very controlled and usually paced between 40-70% power. We encourage all teammates to get outside their comfort zone and pit their skills against others.


Conditioning 1130-1230pm
Open Gym 12-3pm


Conditioning is a great way to start your day off. Come in on a Saturday and get moving in our conditioning class with Mark.

The Team

Our Facility

3000 square foot facility equipped with heavy bags, double end bags, and a caged in grappling/sparring area. The gym is well padded making stretching and exercise convenient, with full size mirrors for boxing drills. Male and female restrooms make dressing comfortable. Friends and family are welcome to observe from seating area.

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